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La Pibilería

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The essence of "The Pibilería" lies in the authenticity and quality of its dishes. Cochinita pibil, a classic of Yucatecan cuisine, takes center stage on the menu. The project is committed to using fresh, high-quality ingredients, following traditional recipes to ensure the authenticity of every bite.

Strategically located in San Andrés Cholula, "The Pibilería" not only aims to satisfy the appetites of its customers but also to provide a complete gastronomic experience. The food truck will be designed with vibrant colors and elements that evoke Mexican culture, creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere for those who come to enjoy its delights.

In addition to cochinita pibil, "The Pibilería" menu will offer complementary options such as tacos, tortas, Yucatecan specialties, traditional side dishes, and refreshing beverages. The variety will allow customers to explore different flavors of the region, all prepared with dedication and passion for authentic cuisine.

Commitment to sustainability will also be a priority for "The Pibilería." The project will seek to use environmentally friendly packaging and utensils, promoting responsible and conscious practices in all aspects of the business.

"The Pibilería" is not just a food truck; it's a gastronomic destination that reflects the culinary richness of Mexico, specifically the Yucatán Peninsula. With the combination of authentic flavors, a festive atmosphere, and a commitment to quality, this project aims to become a culinary reference in San Andrés Cholula, creating memorable experiences for all those seeking to enjoy true cochinita pibil.

La Pibilería


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"The Pibilería" is an innovative project aiming to delight the palates of San Andrés Cholula residents and visitors through a specialized food truck focusing on the exquisite dish of cochinita pibil. This food truck is set to become a culinary landmark in the area, offering a unique experience for lovers of traditional Mexican cuisine.


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