Primary school

Primary school

In the heart of Mar Chiquita, a few steps from El Cangrejo stream and just five blocks from the ocean, is a construction that at first glance could look like anything but a school. However, this 315 m² building houses Primary School No. 12, an educational institution that has revolutionized the concept of sustainability in Argentina.

Founded in 2018, Primary School No. 12 not only stands out for its commitment to the education of 120 boys and girls, but also for its innovative approach to environmental matters. The school structure has been designed with sustainable architecture principles, eliminating the need for traditional heating and air conditioning systems. Instead of relying on electrical energy to maintain thermal comfort, the building uses a bioclimatic design that takes advantage of natural resources to regulate interior temperature.

In addition, the school has an advanced rainwater collection system. This water is stored and used efficiently for various needs of the school, thereby reducing drinking water consumption. Another notable aspect is the gray water reuse system. Greywater, coming from sinks and showers, is treated and reused to irrigate the lush vegetation that adorns the hallways and common areas of the school, creating a pleasant and fresh environment for students and staff.

Primary School No. 12 is not only a role model in terms of infrastructure, but has also become a center of learning about sustainability for its students. The boys and girls who attend this school not only receive a quality academic education, but also learn to value and care for the environment from an early age. The principles of sustainability are integrated into the school curriculum, fostering an ecological awareness that students will take with them beyond the classroom.

This pioneering project has managed to position itself as a milestone in sustainable education in Argentina. In addition, it stands out as the second sustainable school in all of Latin America, an achievement that highlights the importance and impact of environmental education in the region. Primary School No. 12 is a living testimony of how innovation and environmental awareness can transform education and, at the same time, contribute significantly to the preservation of the planet.

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