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Nearshoring refers to the practice of outsourcing certain business or development functions to geographically nearby countries, rather than to more distant countries, as a way to reduce costs and improve efficiency in collaboration.

Project characteristics

1. Identification of customer need: The project begins with a company that recognizes the need to implement an artificial intelligence solution to improve its processes, products or services.

2. Defining project requirements: The client and the development team collaborate to define the project objectives, functional and non-functional requirements, and success criteria.

3. Selection of nearshore service providers: The client chooses a nearshore service provider with the necessary experience and capabilities in artificial intelligence. This provider may be located in a country geographically close to the customer, making communication and collaboration easier.

4. Design and development of the AI ​​solution: The nearshore development team works closely with the client to design and develop the artificial intelligence solution. This may include developing machine learning algorithms, creating predictive models, processing data, and integrating the solution into the client's existing systems.

5. Testing and validation: After the initial implementation is complete, extensive testing is performed to ensure that the AI ​​solution meets customer requirements and functions correctly in the production environment.

6. Implementation and go-live: Once the AI ​​solution has been tested and validated, it is deployed to the customer's production environment. This may involve training staff, integrating with other systems, and setting up workflows.

7. Ongoing support and maintenance: After implementation, the nearshore service provider continues to support and maintain the AI ​​solution, ensuring it functions optimally and addressing any issues that may arise.

This project encompasses the collaboration between the client and an AI service provider located in a geographically close country, with the objective of developing, implementing and maintaining an AI solution that meets the client's needs.



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A nearshoring digital artificial intelligence (AI) project refers to collaboration between companies from different countries to develop AI solutions, where the development team is located in a location geographically close to the client or other interested party.

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